Friday, June 18, 2010

Vending Machines In Schools

Vending machine Advantages And Disadvantages

Vending machines
have been given a lot of media coverage in recent years. An ever-increasing selection of school districts - and many state governments - are actually eliminating vending machines or significantly restricting the number of snacks available to kids.

Mostly the action is to not have access to any form of vending machines inside elementary schools along with minimal vending machines at higher levels. Workplaces and governmental buildings have also been modifying their vending machines to encourage a healthier weight.

A majority of these changes are being created to help curtail the rising problem associated with weight problems. In South Dakota close to 33% of all students are prone to being overweight or are presently overweight and about 66 percent of adults are overweight or obese.

When vending machines are readily available, there should be policies pertaining to when the machines are able to be "turned on". A number of educational institutions will require that all vending machine operations, both inside and outside of the cafeteria, be turned off throughout standard school meal periods. Or possibly the policy will only have healthy vending machine alternatives accessible throughout the meal periods.

Despite the fact that vending do provide a significant amount of discretionary income for administration, the schools who have improved their services by delivering healthful vending machine choices haven't experienced a decrease in revenue. When children and grown ups are thirsty or hungry, they should eat yet need to have choices for healthy snack foods as well as drinks. Having healthy choices can make healthy eating less complicated choice.

Access to Healthy Vending

In order to reduce the occurrence of overweight and obesity, a large number of schools, worksites, and towns are enhancing their vending. A number of schools have done away with vending while some are supplying healthy selections as the only choices or for a portion of the foods available, i.e., fifty percent the foods or drinks will have to be "healthy".

Access to healthier alternatives can either be attained by the alternatives by machine or the volume of machines offered. For example, a building might cap the number of machines that supply the less healthy options. The particular placement of the machines should also be looked at. Set bottled water machines tactically in high traffic spots for better access by people.

Be sure to give some thought to the prices for the products for sale. You'd like the healthier choices to be as attractive in price as all unhealthy choices to make healthier eating the simpler alternative.

For instance, North Community High School in Minnesota, listed drinking water for $.75, sport beverages and 100% fruit or vegetable juices for $1.00 and soda and fruit drinks at $1.25.

Well before increasing prices, keep in mind the costs of other places equivalent items can be obtained such as any kind of allowed student fundraisers as well as local convenience stores.

Another way to entice healthier choices was to allow for students or workers to consume drinking water inside the classroom or workplace though not other beverages.

Healthier Vending Drinks

Drinks are often times the simplest place to begin as more healthy products can easily be bought. Instead of sweetened carbonated beverages (coke), the best options would be milk, any sort of flavor and also ideally non-fat or low-fat, fruit or vegetable juice containing at the very least 50% juice, and bottled water.

More healthy vending alternatives can be flavored or vitamin-enhanced fitness bottled water, sparkling water, no-calorie, diet soda pop, low-cal iced tea, or low calorie coffee. Regular soft drinks and sport drinks really should be omitted.

Milk vending machines require creativity since the milk lacks a long shelf-life. Vending machines for milk products could be limited. Stock should be rotated and also examined for expiration date. One particular South Carolina school has got milk in a refrigerator that's stocked by the student council and payment is on the honor system. They have not lost income with this effort and have supplied a healthier choice for students of a necessary nutrient.

Healthy Vending

When vending selections are improved upon, furnishing healthy vending snacks calls for extra effort when compared with beverages because of the foods that are traditionally accessible. But this is possible.

Although vegetables and fruits are great snacks, fresh and organic products are generally difficult in vending machines. Go over choices with your own vending wholesaler.