Sunday, September 30, 2007

Worksite Wellness Programs and Health Promotion Ideas

Not sure why I was compelled to create the following list, but I did nonetheless. This is by no means a complete list of Worksite Wellness Programs and / or Health Promotion Ideas, but it's what came to mind this morning.
  1. Worksite Stress Management Programs
  2. Employee Assistance Programs
  3. Mental and Behavioral Health Programs
  4. Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs
  5. Tobaccos Cessation Programs (Free Guide To a Tobacco-Free Workplace)
  6. Diet and Nutrition Counselling
  7. Worksite Weight Loss and Weight Control Programs
  8. Disease Management and Disease Prevention Programs
  9. Worksite Physical Fitness Programs / Worksite Group Exercise Programs
  10. Worksite Fitness Centers as Part of Worksite Wellness Programs
  11. Health Club / Gym Membership Discounts
  12. Worksite Walking Clubs or Cycling Clubs
  13. Encourage Participation in League Sports
  14. Encourage The Use Of Food Journals
  15. Healthy Living Poster Programs (Free Nutrition Posters and Fitness Posters)
  16. Provide Healthy Living Handouts (Free Nutrition Handouts and Fitness Handouts)
  17. Employee Wellness Newsletters ( Free Employee Wellness Program Newsletters)
  18. Health Risk Assessment / Health Risk Appraisal Programs
  19. Offer Health Coaching Add Juice Dispensing Machines
  20. Provide Water Coolers and / or Add a Water Filtration System
  21. Ensure Vending Machines Have Low-Calorie Snack Choices
  22. Ensure Vending Machines Have Fruit, Vegetable And Calcium Choices
  23. Including Nutritional Information On Vending Machines
  24. Create a List of Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas For Adults And Kids
  25. Worksite Health Screening and Flu Shots
  26. Healthy Cooking Programs and Ideas
  27. Healthy Shopping Instruction as Part of Worksite Wellness Programs
  28. Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Information, Programs and Ideas
  29. Lunch and Learn Programs - Seek Ideas From The Employees
  30. Relaxation Training and Programs - Yoga, Tai Chi, Stretching Classes, Etc.
  31. Healthy Living and Active Living Challenges
  32. Health Fairs / Wellness Fairs (Free Health Fair - Wellness Fair Planning Guide)
  33. Stair Climbing Challenges as Part of Worksite Wellness Programs
  34. Napping And Sleep Rooms
  35. Alertness And Driving Safety Programs
  36. Encouraging Light Breaks
  37. Health Information Programs and Ideas
  38. Food Safety Information as Part of Worksite Wellness Programs
  39. Handwashing Information Programs
  40. Influenza Education and Information Programs

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